About Marie Luther:

I am a licensed Benchmark Realty realtor in Nashville, TN who is passionate about helping people find their perfect home or relocate from their current home. I’m dedicated to listening to what people want and talented at connecting them to their aspirations, a skill that relies on my love of building lasting relationships with my clients.

I grew up in Houston, Texas and came to Nashville for a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education and later my M.Ed and E.C.E. at Vanderbilt. My early years were dedicated to teaching children and encouraging enriching experiences at a young age, a dedicated furthered during my years raising my own three children.

My passion for realty occurred later in my life when I realized that a profession in real estate allows me to help and connect people. I’m proud to say I have benefited from my passion for learning and have earned the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors Education Excellence award every year I’ve had my license.

Why I Love What I Do:

I love helping people find just the right home for them. I work hard to listen to what my clients want and what they need when it comes to buying or selling their home and it is so rewarding to search and find a home that fits my client’s lifestyle and family, a house that allows them to live their life to the fullest.

Finding the perfect home isn’t always easy because there are so many things to take into consideration, from price to location to functionality to family dynamics. Sometimes, it even feels like the perfect home will never appear. But I’ve found that with persistence and skill, the home that serves my clients needs best always becomes available.

Relocating and selling isn’t easy either! I love finding the advantages in your property and highlight those special features. Understanding why my client loved their home and listening to their story helps me find the perfect buyer and I love taking the next step with my client to help them relocate. Or if for buyers relocating to Nashville, I enjoy helping them acclimate to their new neighborhood.

Two things that make me different? First, I like to establish good communication and understanding with my clients so that our process unfolds seamlessly and naturally. Second, I value being a good resource for my clients, helping them find a lender, inspector, painter or even veterinarian!